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Carbon Fiber Electronic Retractable Landing Gear
Manufacturer: RC-Power

R 1092.10
Shipping Weight: 500g
Product Description
HML 650 Carbon Fiber Quick Install FPV Retractable Folding Landing Gear Skid legs Special for DJI Phantom 1, Phantom 2/ Vision/ Vision +/ FC40
The retractable landing gear can be used with DJI Phantom series for FPV activity, to provide you with a better perspective. Users can remote control landing gear up and down by setting the remote control Channel 2 and rotary switch. Retract the landing gear for no longer blocking the line of sight of shoot to achieve more desirable FPV effects. 3-axis FPV PTZ gimbal needed parts.
1.Continuation the characteristics of HML650 electric retractable landing gear: Stable, Efficient and concise
2. Compatible with the full range of DJI Phantom Series. Phantom1, Phantom 2, Vision, Vision + and FC40.
3. Higher than the original Landing Gear, can be compatible with the other brand 3-Axis PTZ gimbal
4. Many Phantom Series electric retractable landing gear did not take into account external compass installation, we have improved this problem, set aside a compass installation site
FPV activity is a complex and cross-platform, as my company can not control the users specific use, installation, modification and other processes, and can not control the use of different factors in the customer environment and improper operation, if using, installing, assembling this product the corresponding results are borne by the user. Direct or indirect loss or injury resulting from the use of this product, Our company is not responsible.
1. If the switch channel on Remote Control has [Fail-Safe] fail-safe function, please set the value on [down] files, after ensuring the receiver starting fail-safe measure, aircraft landing gear is [down] state, to ensure a stable landing . Some flight control after turn on the Fail-Safe return function, and if re-open the remote control transmitter, be sure to make the knob switch at the landing gear [down] files first.
2. To prevent false triggering remote control switch and result in a loss, it is strongly recommended to use the remote control on both sides of the flap control knob or other rotary switch as landing gear control switch.

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