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Vision+ FPV Goggles - Integrated 5inch Monitor & Receiver
SKU: 9260000018-0
Manufacturer: Vision+

R 792.44
Shipping Weight: 1695g
Product Description
The Vision+ FPV goggle system is one of the coolest and lightest FPV goggle solutions available to-date. The goggles are ergonomically designed with a focus on superior comfort resulting in an overall better fit and reduced eye strain.
The Vision+ system incorporates 2 types of super soft foams allowing for a more contoured fit around the face, good ventilation and less ambient light leakage whilst in use. Adjustable head straps and rear mounted battery pouch allow for an optimum weight distribution and a firm fit.
The built in 40 channel 5.8Ghz, highly sensitive, automatic search receiver can cover all bands and channels in a matter of seconds which will reduce your set-up time and allow you to get into the action in minutes!
The built-in 5 inch screen resolution is 800 x 480 with an accurate 16:9 screen, that will provide you with highly detailed live video feed. The vision+ has a high quality magnification lens and can be worn by pilots that wear glasses.
The Vision+ has 3, 3.5mm Jack sockets supporting video output (4 pins), video input (4 pins) and audio output
• Plug and play lightweight FPV goggles
• 5inch TFT monitor with magnification lens
• 800 x 480 non blue screen monitor
• Neoprene foam cushioning stripes for added comfort
• Fully adjustable 3 position head strap
• Durable lightweight plastic design
• On screen menu with adjustable brightness, contrast and color controls
• Single button automatic channel scanning and manual search function
• Built-in 40 channel receiver
• Auto select between integrated receiver or external video source
Weight: 258g
Dimensions: 168 x 158 x 105
Monitor: 16.9
Resolution: 800 x 480
Receiver: 40 channels
Working Voltage: 7-15v 2s ~ 4s
Operating Temperature: -20 ~ 80 degrees
Power Dissipation: 300mAh
Display: Power display function
Video Format: NTSC / PAL (automatic ID)
Channel Range: 5.645 ~ 5.945Ghz
Package Includes:
1 x Goggles
1 x Head Strap
2 x Eye Ring
1 x 5.8Ghz antenna
1 x Power extension cord
2 x Velcro strips
1 x Nose foam mount

Note: The goggles have a built-in T Connector. To use batteries with other connector types a battery adapter will be required. Please see related items. 

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