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Frsky Taranis Q X7S Transmitter 2.4Ghz - BLUE
Manufacturer: FrSky

R 3439.96
Shipping Weight: 2000g
Product Description

Frsky Taranis Q X7 S is a new and upgraded 2.4Ghz Transmitter of the ever popular Q X7 radio.
Popular Radio Controller with Drone Racing Pilots.
Taranis Q X7S is fitted with the upgraded ball bearing hall sensor gimbals and features six upgraded switches and two dials. It can run on OpenTX software and files can easily be shared with the X9D Plus transmitter.

The Q X7S being equipped with a MicroSD card slot offers unlimited model memories and so much more, it also has a USB port for upgrades and to connect to a PC for easily changing settings.
With a easy to use wheel and center enter button makes navigating the Q X7S backlit menu so easy and with precise accuracy.

The radio comes with an audio jack output and trainer port as well. In addition, the Taranis Q X7S also supports the wireless trainer function the Taranis Q X7S and it is compatible with FrSky Freelink app to monitor the sensor data during the flight.
Also features a module bay for use with JR-type modules that can be used with other protocol receivers and with the use of an FrSky XJT module making this tramsmitter very flexible and versatile.

A very lightweight reliable system with comes with many features ,and now it comes in a lovely blue color scheme. The radio includes a Haptic Vibration Feedback System which provides an alternative feedback system to the voice and sound alert warnings. This radio can support up to 32 channels. Other features include Receiver Match, Real-Time Flight Data Logging and Super Low Latency for precision flying. Overall this Radio has the features of more expensive transmitters at an unprecedented value.


  • Hall sensor gimbalsand upgraded switches
  • Receiver match
  • Support wireless trainer function
  • Audio speech outputs (values, alarms, settings, etc.)
  • Real-time flight data logging
  • Receiver signal strength indicator (RSSI) alerts
  • Super low latency
  • Vibration alerts
  • Model files are compatible with TARANIS X9D/X9D Plus/X9E.
  • Open source firmware OpenTX
Package Included:
1 X Taranis Q X7S Transmitter
1 X Battery: NI-MH
1 X Charger
1 X Carry Bag
  • 1 x Gimbal Protectors
  • 1 x Logo Sticker
  • 1 x Neck Strap
  • 1 x Manual

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